I fly this flag, in memory and pride
The emblem of honor, the heroes who died
United we stand, America strong
For all we believe, right where we belong

I love this flag, hand over of my heart
Long live our land, who could tear us apart
These stars and these stripes, I don’t dare let ‘em drag
I kneel down to pray, but I stand for this flag

This Flag says freedom, this Flag speaks dreams
This Flag holds history, bustin’ out at the seams
This Flag might get torn, but its story waves true
If this Flag could talk, tales of red white & blue

Heroes remembered, we will never forget
Daughters and sons, who gave up their best
You raise morning colors, fly tall everyday
These colors don’t run, they won’t fade away

This Flag says freedom, this Flag speaks dreams…

More than 200 years, extreme sacrifice
1 million soldiers… paid that ultimate price
I salute you Old Glory, long may you wave
Pledge my allegiance, to the home of the brave

I love this flag, These colors don’t run, God bless this flag

music by Richard Klender & Bob Huff
words by Richard Klender