I built this barn with a hammer and nails
Big pile of lumber, my toolbox won’t fail
Don’t know what drove me, except the need to play
Start out at dawn, and work straight thru each day

Some friends said “hey man, that’s too much damn work”
But some friends don’t know me, probably think I’m a jerk
Some just can’t understand, my motivation and drive
Each man’s gotta do, what helps him survive

This Barn says freedom, this barn speaks dreams
This Barn makes music, bustin’ out at the seams
This Barn might get old, but it’s new to my soul
If these walls could talk, they’d tell stories… of gold

Lift up each rafter, and nail ‘em in place
Just me and my tractor, hot sun on my face
An old metal roof, to keep out the rain
5 trucks of concrete, to bring on the pain

Chorus: then Lead break:

2 long years, 40 long poles
5000 nails… beams deep in their holes
It took months of hard sweat, but now it feels mighty fine
Time to play me some music, drink a glass of my wine

Chorus 2x, ending

music by Richard Klender & Bob Huff
words by Richard Klender