If you ever find yourself in the backwoods of the Louisiana Bayou
You might come across Bubba’s Bait Shop & Worm Emporium
Ask Bubba to tell you his story… it goes like this…

I was fishing off a swamp boat down Louisiana way
Come a gun-toting backwood beauty thru the foggy grey
Hotter than cayenne, woo, man o’ man
She could steal your heart, in her camo lingerie

They say, she’s got 11 brothers
A warrior dad, one worn-out mother
Who went out for a Camel, and a gator…ate her

They call her…
Louisiana Lue, pride of the bayou
Many men have tried, a few have died
Louisiana Lou, (woo), I love you
Jumbalaya, fit to be tied

She had some fancy French name, but we just call her Lue…her sparkling smile shines like a lure…careful!.. you can’t catch a gator by the tail…

She can ride a gator to the General Store
She don’t give a croc bout your 4×4
Are you tough enough, are you man enough
With those Daisy Duke eyes, she’ll wipe you off the floor

In the misty moonlight air
She lets down her raven hair
In a swamp shack back behind the foggy bog

Oooh, Louisiana Lue, I love you
Many men have tried, a few have died
Louisiana Lou, Pride of the bayou
I wish I could make you my bride

No one’s seen Lue for awhile. One day she just up and vanished into the morning fog. So keep your eyes out for a camo-wearing swamp flower with a ponytail tucked through her hat; she’ll be wearing gator skin boots, packing a bowie knife and a pair of .38s – you just never know…

music by Bob Huff & Richard Klender, words: Richard Klender & Bob Cusick