I am broken by Your glory and Your presence
I am humbled by the mercy of Your smile
I am thankful for the narrow road less traveled
And despite my selfish heart, You send angels every mile

The courts of Heaven shout Your name
You’ve overcome my trials and pain
Gave up Your Darling, crucified to see me through

How could anyone understand Your mercy
How could anyone understand Your face
If I cried a hundred years, You would bottle all my tears
How could anyone understand God’s grace

I’m so joyful for Your promise of salvation
I’m so grateful for Your hope when man gives none
I just shake my head and bow in adoration
You don’t see my pride and sin, I’m forgiven by Your Son

I used to hide my heart of steel
But now I know, this Love is real
When Your Word of Truth comes crashing thru my soul

How could anyone understand… repeat

Words & Music by Richard Klender
© Klenco/Songtracker.com (ASCAP) All rights reserved